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Player: Paul
Contact Information:
[plurk.com profile] miyazaki895 or aWondrousWorld @AIM

Rose Lalonde

Age: 16
Wish: "I wish to see what I could have done."
Result: Rose sees that her gradual spiral during her three-year journey contributed to her friends' undoing.
Weapon: Knitting needles.
Outfit: TBA


» CLAIRVOYANCE - Rose gains the ability to See many different options for what could happen in the future. However, this will be only a few seconds into the future, and Rose will be bombarded with so many options that it will be nearly impossible to sift through them.
» NEEDLEKIND: LIGHT - Rose gains the ability to cast beams of light from her knitting needles. However, at first these beams of light will inflict no apparent damage. Rose will need to learn anew how to use this ability usefully, or will have to upgrade it.


Generally okay with most things. If you're unsure, please ask first! Contact me if you would like to opt out of text quirks such as lavender courier font.
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Player name: Paul
Contact info: [plurk.com profile] miyazaki895 or aWondrousWorld @AIM
Other characters currently played: Chiaki Nanami

Character name: Rose Lalonde
Age: 16
Canon: Homestuck
Canonpoint: [S] Game Over.

Background: Here!

Personality: Every group needs a straight man, and among her circle of close friends, Rose is that straight man. This is most easily viewed in her typing style; her perfect grammar and capitalization give her some sophistication among her friends, though she can take it too far in that direction sometimes and rise to the level of precociousness. Rose is dependable, helping her friends through their group gaming session, and encouraging or indulging their sarcasms and tangents. She is also very good at reading people, and is able to psychoanalyze to an uncomfortable degree, which she uses to poke fun at her friends. In interactions with others, Rose is often very drily sarcastic, which she can use to avoid the issue. She grows closer to those who participate in prolonged bits of insincere teasing, metaphors, and occasional roleplaying.

Rose has a very independent spirit. She has had control issues with her mother in the past; their relationship could be most charitably described as “strained”. Not believing or allowing that her mother’s interest in wizards was an attempt at empathy to her daughter’s obsessions, or even a genuine interest in the wizards in question, Rose resented her mother for what she saw as an ironic echoing of her own passions, and thus a means of winning her over and controlling her. Rose needs to be as free an agent as her cat, Jaspers It’s worth noting that her first role in her group’s gaming session was to be a server player – that is, to manipulate and control the environment around the other player. Being at the mercy of Dave Strider during her entrance to the game caused her a great deal of anxiety. Her newfound role as the fully realized Seer of Light upon going God Tier is at once a validation of her plans and a furthering of this desire, bringing her into the position of chief strategist for her friends.

To further her feeling of being in charge, Rose has a strong desire to learn all of the things. An exhaustive quantity of them, in fact. The easiest way to do this is through logical assessment of situations; Rose excels at this, particularly in the realm of psychoanalysis, as noted above. Not that that’s the only way for Rose to learn things, of course: she has an illogical streak. She resorts to anarchical tactics within the game, blowing up the means of transportation and leveling-up provided to her, choosing instead to look for clues to the game’s purpose on her own terms. Rose takes information from wherever she can get it, gravitating towards those sources that fascinate her the most. This fascination can lead her astray of logic; one informant, Doc Scratch, turns out to have ill intentions for her and her friends’ well-being, but Rose is blinded by her thirst for hunger and Scratch’s inviting leading questions and vague responses.

When she has a goal, Rose is single-mindedly focused on achieving it. This can cause her to temporarily neglect her friends; for several instances during Homestuck, Rose’s friends lose track of her as she works to further her knowledge, battle monsters, or gather a following of cohorts. Rose doesn’t intend to be egocentric or unfriendly; she is simply very invested and curious in whatever she is currently doing, and efficiently removes all other distractions from her consciousness. Heaven help those that threaten her friends and family, though. Rose has a fierce loyalty to those she cares about. This can lead to rash decisions, such as when Rose fights an impossible battle against Jack Noir to avenge her mother and best friend, or when Rose undergoes a suicide mission alone in order to save her brother. Where she can, Rose will use her knowledge to assist her friends; her stalwart experimentation and documentation is what helps John get into the Medium.

Rose is not all business. Her ironic battles with her mother carry an element of humor, as do many of her sarcastic conversations with her friends. And in addition to the practicality being a wizard brings Rose (allowing her powers with her wands, and near-omniscience with her crystal ball), she takes up the mantle of the spellbook because it’s fun, and she gets to play out her fantasies. (After all, she had been secretly writing wizard fanfiction for an undisclosed amount of time before beginning the game.) This further explains her tolerance for John’s and Jade’s wackiness, and Dave’s sick beats.

Rose’s death and rebirth in the Green Sun explosion, and her subsequent three-year voyage on the meteor, bring a few changes to her personality, not all of them positive. Rose had already mostly guarded her emotions behind a facade of sarcasm and wordplay, particularly easy to do with her friends when she only interacted with them online. When forced to interact with her friends at length in person, her flaws (including the hit to her verbosity necessitated by being unable to edit her words before presenting them as she could online, and the emotions and uncertainty she was able to mask online) became far more apparent to herself, and she withdrew as a result. Her opinion of the game and her place within it became more pessimistic and nihilistic.

Attempting to focus her efforts more towards understanding the people around her mostly ended disastrously. The stress of her relationship with Kanaya, who had previously put Rose on a pedestal, drove Rose to drink even as their relationship turned to romance. From their first date up until their arrival in the new session, Rose drank heavily to cope with the stress. Rose also hoped that drinking might also help her better understand her mother, with whom she had frequently engaged in battles of passive-aggression.

Rose’s pointless death at the hands of the Condesce in the new session sealed Rose’s basically nihilistic outlook on life and on the game she had been playing. Her inability to learn her puspoe in the game despite all her efforts, and bring her team to victory, weigh heavily on Rose’s mind. Rose still cares deeply for her friends, but her faith in her ability in herself to understand or break a system has taken a hit — and it’s in this weakness that Kyuubey finds her.

Wish: “I wish to see what I could have done.”

Kyuubey comes to Rose at a time when she believes all is lost — she and her friends have failed, and the game is over and there’s no longer any hope for them. She and all of her friends died because they were singularly unable to cope with what the game threw at them.

She doesn’t think that this is a fixable situation. But she wishes to know if there was anything that she missed, any way that she could have been more prepared. What she Sees from this wish is that her gradual spiral during the three-year journey was partly to blame for their unpreparedness.

Passive ability: Rose's wish reflects on the Seer abilities that she believes failed her, abilities which should have let her understand what the best path for her team was. Rose's wish gives her a version of these abilities back -- albeit a broken one.

Rose gains the ability to See many different options for what could happen in the future. However, this will be only a few seconds into the future, and Rose will be bombarded with so many options that it will be nearly impossible to sift through them.

Active ability: As a Hero of Light, a fully-powered Rose is able to harness light for her weapon; in her Active Ability slot, Rose gets a version of these abilities back too, though as before, they will be abilities she needs to learn about.

Rose gains the ability to cast beams of light from her knitting needles. However, at first these beams of light will inflict no apparent damage. Rose will need to learn anew how to use this ability usefully, or will have to upgrade it.

Weapon: A pair of ordinary knitting needles.

Sample: Dear Player post, another one, and post from Ataraxion.


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How is this Seer's speech? Please let me know if there's anything you think I could do better here. Comments are screened for privacy.
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Rose types in lavender text. She also has a Sight that allows her to know slightly more than she should. Please fill out this permissions form if you would like me to play her differently in your case.


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